Cultivating a Sense of Place

As we celebrate place, we begin to live our story through the shared experience.  It is our hope that our gifts enable others to fall more deeply in love in place.  May this love awaken memories of belonging.

Our Commitment & Focus

Place Based Education

Learning the history and stories of a place.  Inspiring others by interweaving the opportunities, challenges and celebrations encountered.  As storytellers, we strive to contextualize narratives towards a bioregion, which literally translates as “life-place”.

Embracing Conflict

Accepting the responsibility that we are all collectively creating this reality, thus we must all participate in envisioning change.  To work towards restoring relationships, we must embrace conflict as an opportunity and great teacher.

Restoring Relationships

Guiding others to begin to see place from a bioregional perspective, as interdependent layers permeating to form a whole.  Listening to the land, acknowledging its influence on the emerging story, and also allowing it to guide us in restoring our broken relationships.