We Are All Storytellers

Find your place on the planet. Dig in, and take responsibility from there.  – Gary Snyder

visionFrom the borderlands of Cascadia, we find ourselves along the Bend of the Upper Deschutes Watershed. This place, we owe it everything. Surrounded by the fire of this Volcano Vortex, it is this fire ignited within that guides our passions. As storytellers, we believe it is necessary to allow the story of place to permeate one’s life towards more wholly loving where you are. For us, it is time to give back to all that has sustained our weary hearts. Film is one of the vehicles with which we gratefully participate.

We feel that where you are is an element of your story, and it is our hope that our work inspires you to uncover the narratives being lived out. Within this, we believe in listening to the stories of the waters, from mountain lakes to aquifers and drops that merge to form raging rivers. It is our prayer that our gifts enable others to fall more deeply in love in place.  May this love awaken memories of belonging. Find your story, listen to others and let your heart break.  Let it break wide open.