Why Place Based?

Tumalo Creek

As storytellers, we strive to contextualize narratives towards a bioregion, which literally translates as “life-place”. To focus on place from a bioregional perspective, it largely comes down to the water. Every drop gives way to ground, to a creek, to a river, becoming the watershed it is a part of. Each region is characterized by how water moves within it and through it, and it is this very water that defines all life in place. Broaden the perspective and one sees how watershed-by-watershed, each interconnects to make an ever-larger whole. It is therefore necessary to not only look at the world right where you are, but also to observe how the place where you are is impacting the rest of the world.

Stories Worth Telling

Water is sacred.  Water is a gift.  Water provides life.  Where does your water come from?  With that in mind, where does your food come from?  Food and water are the medicines that nourish life. It is time to restore relationship with these most essential remedies.

Klamath coastlineWe focus on place because we feel it is integral in bringing awareness to the most necessary elements that interweave life. As we celebrate place, we begin to live our story through the shared experience. Many are finding meaningful ways to participate in forging bioregional pathways. Through the lens, we aim to highlight stories of those that are working towards re-inhabitation of a living biosphere once more. These are the stories that we are inspired by. These are the stories we feel compelled to share.